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Success Connection

Many handset manufacturers have incorporated multifaceted features in their mobile phones which are all designed to enhance user experience.  Iphone Applications Development and other Smartphone Application Development services for corporations are offered by many providers in conjunction with network providers that are satellite connected or relay stations such as in my country. Iphone Business Applications are only for the those living in densely populated areas.  Rural sites have very little internet and minimal success connection.  Having the most intricate handset is only a plus factor when you live in cities where there is a conglomeration of network facilities and relay stations with strong frequency for their specific use.  So you can just imagine the service the people in the mountainous area and outreach places get.

I live in that kind of a country, in an area surrounded by active and dormant volcanoes.  Only about a thousand miles from the metro center of the country, I have to turn and twist for my Blackberry to get into the right angle and perspective to get through.  I don’t think Iphone Business Applications work here and thus no use for either the Iphone Application Development or the  Smarphone Applications Development software.  When technology advances to our place, that is another matter.  But until then, more power to Iphone Application Development.

Online Communications

Web forums are like use the net discussion groups, except web forums exist only on the web.  Currently, web forums are much less inhabited than use the net.  Therefore, your messages and online communications stand out on the web forums much more than on the crowded use the net.

In my experience, finding a high-quality web forum is more difficult than finding a high-quality usenet group.  Nevertheless, when you do find a high-quality web forum, you will have an easy time getting to know the handful of people who frequent the forum.  If you find a good forum, you have a potentially great networking situation.

Keeping in Touch

I have a childhood friend who’s been dreaming to be a flight stewardess since we were young. I remember the times that we used to play pilot and flight stewardess, she is the flight stewardess, I am the pilot and our other young friends are the passengers. We always tease her that time because we are thinking that she cannot make her dream come true because we know that she is too short for a flight stewardess. Even at young age, we know that flight stewardess should be taller.

When we reached our teenage years, I didn’t saw her again until yesterday. I almost not recognized her if she’s not wearing her identification card in the airport yesterday. I fetched a friend yesterday in the airport because he had a vacation out of town. She’s on her break time when she saw me and called my name. I was surprised because she got so pretty and she became taller.

My childhood friend asked how am I doing and I asked her too. She said that she’s a flight stewardess now. I was more surprised when she told me that. She made it to achieve her dream. We had a long conversation and she wants to learn more to perform her duty well. She wants to learn about different languages. She want to have knowledge in translation and interpretation of different languages. Serving foods with the passenger is not just her duty because she said that they must also have to perform other services to their passengers. She must be more intelligent. I got her number before I said goodbye yesterday and I’m keeping in touch with her.